A somewhat stiff family portrait of Maria Theresa with her husband, the only recently crowned Holy Roman Emperor Francis I, and their son Joseph (the future emperor Joseph II) in the uniform of a hussar by Franz Xaver Karl Palko, 1747.

The Riesensaal in the Kaiserliche Hofburg Innsbruck. It was originally decorated with images of Hercules (Riese is the German word for giant), Maria Theresa had them replaced with images of her family.


Archduchess Maria Theresa in 1727 by Andreas Möller. Such a stunning dress, the blue looks like folds of the ocean enveloping her, especially her sleeve- the paint almost looks mercurial.

According to which source you believe, Maria Theresa was ten, eleven or fifteen when this portrait was painted. It is first documented 1733 in Schloss Hetzendorf.

Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia and Archduchess of Austria, painted by Martin van Meytens in 1744.